📌培訓內容概要 ADAC導師培訓(空中吊床證書課程)將於922日至103日於ADAC舉行,課程涵蓋空中吊床基礎至進階技巧、人體解剖學及期末表演成品考核。 我們有幸邀請到麥承深先生、盧嘉欣小姐及林幗薇小姐於課程教授不同專項及知識與技巧。 為期6天的密集培訓旨在提供機會讓參與者汲取成為專業空中藝術表演者的核心知識、掌握空中吊床的進階技能,以及實踐ATT最重要之理念:與團隊之間分享,從而打造和諧及互相學習的文化。



🎖ADAC Teacher Training (ATT) – Certificate in Aerial Hammock

ADAC Teacher Training (ATT) provides a great opportunity for candidates or individuals who devoting themselves to aerial arts in cultivating a global vision and gaining teacher qualifications. The programme is designed for participants to advance their skills in particular aerial genre and enhance the standard of aerial performance.

Unlike general training courses in the market, ATT consists of core training in aerial skills, lectures of related disciplines and diversified learning components which provide a solid ground for holistic development in aerial industry.


📌培訓內容概要 ADAC導師培訓(空中吊床證書課程)將於922日至103日於ADAC舉行,課程涵蓋空中吊床基礎至進階技巧、人體解剖學及期末表演成品考核。 我們有幸邀請到麥承深先生、盧嘉欣小姐及林幗薇小姐於課程教授不同專項及知識與技巧。 為期6天的密集培訓旨在提供機會讓參與者汲取成為專業空中藝術表演者的核心知識、掌握空中吊床的進階技能,以及實踐ATT最重要之理念:與團隊之間分享,從而打造和諧及互相學習的文化。 ______________________________


📆Date and Time:

22 Sep – 3 Oct 2021 (6 Days)

Sep 22 (Wed) 13:00 – 18:00

Sep 25 (Sat) 14:00 – 19:00

Sep 26 (Sun) 14:00 – 19:00

Oct 1 (Fri) 13:00 – 18:00

Oct 2 (Sat) 14:00 – 19:00

Oct 3 (Sun) 14:00 – 19:00


Training Content: Please visit:


Mr. Spencer Mak (Human Anatomy)

Ms Sophia Lo (Hammock Training)

Ms Irene Lam (Therapy & Yoga)



🕊Early Bird: HKD7,200 (enrol and full payment on or before 8/8) 💲Original: HKD8,200

※ ATT only accepts full payment; instalment payment is not accepted.


📌Registration and Enrollment Requirements Applicants should meet below criteria:

– ATT Certificate in Aerial Hammock is suitable for practicing aerial yoga or aerial hammock instructors;

– Applicants should have at least SIX months experience in practicing Aerial Yoga regularly, Gymnastics or any related sports;

– Above 20 years old;

– All genders and nationalities are welcome

– Women during pregnancy, individuals who prone to motion sickness, patients with cardiovascular disease or hypertension should avoid joining;

– Consult a doctor for any doubts of physical conditions before enrolling;

– Pass criteria: Fulfil the standard of all teaching sessions and satisfactory result in examination & final assessment;

– Medium of Instruction: Cantonese mainly, In Bilingual (English/ M) if need


ADAC x XPERT Aerial Hammock Teacher Training, 2-days TRAINING

ADAC and XPERT, one of the largest Pole & Aerial teacher training programmes worldwide, are co-hosting the Aerial Hammock Teacher Training on 11th-12th May 2019.

XPERT Aerial Hammock Teacher Training is designed to train up teachers in ensuring safety of a class and how to effectively using aerial hammocks for fitness and exercise purposes. Thereby enabling students to master basic skills of aerial hammock. The training covers principle and knowledge of aerial hammock, how to manage a class, master class demonstration, mockup class simulation and final assessment.

Date: 11th-12th May 2019 (Sat & Sun); 14 hours training in two days
Time: 09:00 – 17:00 (An hour lunch break)
Trainer: Symone Dolai (First & only XPERT Master Trainer in Asia)
Tuition: USD599 / HKD4, 800
Medium of Instruction: English supplemented with Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese if necessary
Enrollment deadline: 5th May 2019


1. Participants should have certain degree of knowledge and experience on the training content;
2. Participants should bring suitable outfits, notepad, stationery, tower and tumbler;
3. This workshop should be avoided during pregnancy;
4. If there is any injuries or illness, please consult your doctor before enrollment;
5. In case of withdrawal or fail to qualify the study, participants will be required to apply for a re-examination in accordance with XPERT procedures and guidelines, and the tuition fees paid will not be refunded.


XPERT Aerial Hoop Fitness Professional teacher training is designed to teach participants the skills needed to safely and effectively instruct an Aerial Hoop fitness class. Participants develop the essential teaching skills which will enable them to become a confident and well trained instructor. The multi-level trainings will help instructors grow and improve your knowledge and skills.

The XPERT Aerial Hoop course takes you back to the fundamentals of aerial hoop and gives you the tools to control groups at different abilities, whilst making it safe and FUN!
The Aerial Hoop course main emphasis is on how to teach a safe and effective group fitness aerial class.

*Note: A minimum of 6 months Aerial or Pole experience is required

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